Don’t Kill the Messenger welcomes actress and producer Colleen Camp.

Host and entertainment research expert Kevin Goetz sits down with the multi-talented Colleen Camp. With a career spanning six decades in acting and four decades in producing, Colleen is a true force in the entertainment industry. She has graced the screen in over 150 roles, including memorable performances in films like Clue, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Wayne’s World, Election, and American Hustle. As a producer, Colleen has helped bring over 25 titles to life, showcasing her passion and dedication to the craft of filmmaking.

Current Projects and Cinema Landscape

Eli became interested in film at a young age after seeing movies like Pinocchio, Star Wars, and Alien. He started making short films as a kid with help from a mentor. By age 11 he was making animated shorts, stop-motion films, and horror movies with his brothers and friends.

Colleen discusses her recent producing projects, including the films “At the Gates” and “Day of the Fight,” while also addressing the challenges of distribution in the current landscape. She passionately believes in the communal experience of watching movies in theaters, stating, “I believe that movies are communal. And I believe that movies still should exist in theaters. And I believe it’s proven that they can.”

The Art of Character Development

One of the most fascinating aspects of Colleen’s acting career is her ability to transform herself for each role. Kevin and Colleen explore the significance of rhythm and accents in defining characters, with Colleen sharing, “Accents define class, they define character depending on how you do that accent.”

Lessons from Legendary Directors

Throughout her career, Colleen has collaborated with renowned directors such as Peter Bogdanovich, Francis Ford Coppola, Jonathan Lynn, and David O. Russell. She reflects on the unique approaches and insights gained from working with these industry giants, emphasizing the importance of adaptability, trust, and creative synergy between actors and directors. Speaking about her experience with Bogdanovich, Colleen reveals, “I found from Peter, my first take was always the best, my first or second take.”

Colleen on her unique position as a producer:

And because I have a shorthand with directors because I’m an actress, and a shorthand with producers because I’ve acted in so many films and produced. And I know the lay of the land that I would say, no, this has to be done like this and we need this person to do this Q and A.

Navigating Nudity in Film

The conversation also touches on Colleen’s experience portraying a Playboy bunny in the iconic film Apocalypse Now. She candidly discusses her thoughts on nudity in film, saying, “I’ve only done nudity in three movies and they were all in the same year. In Apocalypse Now, Smile, which is bizarre, and Death Game.”

Standout Films of the Awards Season

Kevin and Colleen engage in a lively discussion about the standout films from the current awards season, with a particular focus on Holdovers and Oppenheimer. They analyze the elements that make these films exceptional, from the performances to the directorial vision, and share their predictions for the upcoming awards ceremonies.

I love The Holdovers. I love that movie. I think it’s brilliant. I think the movie is incredible. I put Da’Vine in Bride Heart, a comedy based on her performance in The Holdovers. It’s the antithesis of The Holdovers, but Alexander Payne is a genius. It’s such a simple movie. It’s such a simple story, but it’s emotional.

Supporting Emerging Talent

As a producer, Colleen is passionate about supporting emerging filmmakers and the need for diverse, quality films to be distributed and celebrated. She stresses the significance of nurturing new voices in the industry, saying, “I believe what you just said about American Cinematheque is that if you can raise money, raise it for the quality of what you love and the passion of what you love.”

Colleen Camp’s passion for the entertainment industry shines through in this engaging conversation with Kevin Goetz. Her ability to transform as an actress and her dedication to producing meaningful films make her a true treasure in the world of cinema. As an advocate for emerging talent and a believer in the power of the theatrical experience, Colleen continues to be a “force of nature” in the film industry.

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