In a recent interview with Movie Club/Behind the Screens on, movie research expert and author Kevin Goetz, discusses his newest book, Audience•ology, where the reader enters the world of show business and learns just how much real people impact the movies we see. Goetz’s company Screen Engine/ASI conducts audience test screenings to provide film makers with valuable insights in order to optimize a film’s success at the box office and his book is a tell-all, full of stories and insider tidbits. The book is a fascinating look into a part of the film industry which most of us are not aware of. To enjoy this fun filled and entertaining book order now!



In Audience•ology, the latest book from Kevin Goetz, the reader learns how focus groups are conducted and shares details of how the audience can shape the final film. Filled with stories about films we are all familiar with, the book details the process involved and includes specifics that demonstrate just how important this process is to make a film the very best it can be.  The title, Audience•ology was chosen because this is a book about the unique influence that general moviegoing audiences have on filmmaking. Dubbed the Doctor of Audience•ology by a writer of the Los Angeles Times years ago, Goetz comes up with a prognosis for a film and provides a remedy based on the audience’s comments and reactions. He considers what he does is a balance of art and science. 

Audience Reactions

Audience•ology is filled with stories that truly show how the audience has provided information which can change the direction of a film. The reader learns about changes made due to audience reactions with such iconic movies such as Fatal Attraction, La La Land, Jaws, and Forrest Gump. Goetz discusses the importance of providing a fully satisfying experience for the viewer.  Using examples from the past like the story about Harold Lloyd, legendary filmmaker who in the 1920’s held a screening of a new comedy which featured an underwater comedic scene.  He learned that the audience felt too distracted by the technology being used that they could not relax and enjoy. Another example Goetz shares is about the ending of Fatal Attraction and how audience satisfaction or lack of, resulted in a change that helped make the film so successful.

Kevin Goetz’s Process

Kevin Goetz’s Process

Speaking with Movie Club/Behind the Screens Kevin Goetz shares his process for conducting the research. Screen Engine/ASI holds screenings in a variety of markets where moviegoers are invited to view a film prior to final cut and share their thoughts about the movie and the overall experience.  Questionnaires are given to the entire audience and some members of that audience are also chosen for a focus group discussion following the film to delve deeper into their opinions and suggestions.  Goetz shares which comments are most important and how the audience’s reactions are observed and evaluated. This information is shared with the filmmakers so that the changes can be made to create the most successful film at the box office.

Prognosis for Movie Industry

Goetz shares his insights as to the future of feature films.  The industry is evolving due to a variety of factors including streaming services and home theaters.  Today more people are going to the movies but are seeing fewer movies in the theater.  But movies aren’t going anywhere.  A full movie theater experience is a great way to capture the magic for  many of today’s blockbusters, but streaming is a wonderful option to see many types of films as well.  The reader will be captivated by the stories about the movies and stars we know and love while learning about a little known area of the movie business that has produced so many of the changes made to the films that have become part of our world.

Audience•ology is a fun and interesting read about a fascinating aspect of the movie world that is available to buy now

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