January 28, 2022: The Moncrieff Show (Newstalk National Radio Ireland). From the bizarre to the intellectual, this multi-award-winning show is the most eclectic on Irish radio. Covering politics, history, popular culture, sex, farming, parenting, religion, psychology, international news, science, philosophy and pretty much everything else, Moncrieff will make you think and laugh – and throw in some Friday Movies & Booze for good measure.

Ten years in the making, the all-new book about movies, Audience•ology, chronicles how real people everyday moviegoers influence and help shape the making of America’s cinematic masterpieces through the secretive process of audience testing of Hollywood movies.

Complete with first-hand stories from famous filmmakers, studio heads, and stars, this fascinating book has enough humor, drama, and surprise to entertain everyone from film aficionados to filmmakers and industry execs.