In the movie industry, audience test screenings  is a process that is embraced by many yet can also be feared as well.  For filmmakers in particular, the thought of revealing your film for the very first time to an audience that does not have any emotional connection to the project can be daunting. But for Kevin Goetz, it is all in a day’s work. As the founder of Screen Engine/ASI, Goetz has been conducting research for films for over 30 years. His experience has led him to work with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and he helps them understand the feedback that the audiences provide and how they can apply it to their films during the editing process to make sure their intended message is getting across. Here is what the top names in Hollywood have to say about Kevin and his work.

“Test screening a film is a terrifying experience, but having Kevin in the room makes me break out in hives a lot less. The audience insight he has provided for our films has been vital, and it’s truly a sight to behold watching him work his magic. His ability to connect with and get inside the minds of an audience is unmatched.”

Charlize Theron, Academy Award Winning Actress, and Producer

“The film media loves to gossip about who has “final cut” on a movie, but professionals know that what some contract says doesn’t matter much because in reality, the audience has final cut if you want a commercial hit. But getting an unbiased understanding of what the audience really thinks is not simple. Kevin Goetz is a master in aiding in this effort, as this book so entertainingly reveals.”

Tom Rothman, Chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group

“When I screen my movies, they are bad. Then Kevin asks the audience why they are bad. It is painful. Like re-breaking a leg so it heals right. Then somehow, with his help, we figure out what to do. Now that I think about it, he doesn’t get paid enough. But this book should make up the difference.”

Judd Apatow, Director, Writer, and Producer

“Kevin’s analysis of my movies has been invaluable over the years. With a comedy, the number one objective is to find out, is it funny, and how do we make it funnier. Kevin is the best in the business.”

Sacha Baron Cohen, Actor, Writer, and Producer

“On almost every comedy I have worked on in the last 20 years, Kevin has taken the movie through the testing process. Watching a focus group of your movies is like being in a bathroom stall at high school and hearing kids talk about you. Having Kevin there is always reassuring because he always is championing the filmmakers. He is THE guy when it comes to audience testing.”

Ben Stiller, Actor, Writer, and Producer

Kevin Goetz is greatly respected by some of the biggest names in Hollywood. His experience and expertise in audience preview testing are unrivaled, and he has helped many filmmakers fine-tune their films to be the very best they can be.  In his book, Audience•ology, readers can learn more about the audience preview testing process and the experiences of many filmmakers, actors, and studio executives.

Kevin Goetz book signing