Can your opinion make a difference in how a movie is made?  Absolutely!  Learn how movie research and audience test screenings can reshape a movie before it is released to the public in Kevin Goetz’s book, Audience•ology: How Moviegoers Shape the Films We Love.  Goetz shares the process along with fun filled stories about your favorite films and movie stars. For a glimpse into this little known but important part of the film industry, order Audience•ology and be prepared to be enlightened and entertained.

A Research Method

The research of audience test screenings has been used since the early days of the film industry. The majority of major movies use movie research to determine the film’s playability and if the filmmaker’s intended message is coming across. These screenings are conducted during the post production stage of filmmaking and the process is simple– moviegoers are invited to view a film before its final cut.  Through a variety of methods including questionnaires and conversations, the audience shares their opinions on the film.  Another benefit of this event is that the filmmakers experience the “feeling in the room” and how the film is playing with a full audience. These opinions and reactions are evaluated, often resulting in changes being made based on those views before the final version is completed.

Gauges Interest and Response of Target Demographic

Audience screen testing is also important because it gives marketers an idea of how different people will respond to the movie.  For example, a movie may originally be intended for a general moviegoing audience, but if it plays better to certain demographics they can adjust the marketing of the film accordingly.  It also gives filmmakers the opportunity to edit the film so it appeals more to the intended target audience.

Female audience tester reacting to a movie.
Pop corn and movie elements for a screen test.

Used to Improve the Final Product

The main purpose of test screenings  is to see if the film resonates with its audience.  Audience test screenings can help filmmakers make changes to scenes, beginnings, endings, pace, focus on characters, storyline, and anything else that dissatisfies the audience. Ultimately, audience testing helps to make a film the best it can be and to make sure the intended messaging is coming across.

Audience•ology: How Moviegoers Shape the Films We Love

In his book, Audience•ology, Kevin Goetz dives into how movie research and audience test screenings shape the films we love. Full of specific stories and examples from some of the most iconic films made, it’s  a great read for anyone interested in learning more about how we all make an impact on the movies we enjoy while giving an insider’s view of a little known part of Hollywood.

To learn more about audience research and screen testing or to simply enjoy a fun and interesting read,  pick up your copy of Audience•ology by Kevin Goetz today!