Kevin Goetz, the founder of Screen Engine/ASI and an audience research veteran for more than thirty years, has been featured on The Nerd Daily. In this interview, Kevin discusses his Audience-ology approach to understanding movie audiences and how it’s helped him craft successful campaigns for some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood history. Visit The Nerd Daily to read the full interview now, and in the meantime, you can contact Kevin through his website.

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Audience-Ology: Kevin Goetz’s Secret to Success

Kevin Goetz’s Audience-ology approach to movies is a huge reason cinema is what it is today. Audience-ology is a term Kevin coined to describe his unique methodology for understanding how different groups of people interact with movies. By studying audience reactions in detail, Kevin can develop targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with moviegoers.

What is The Nerd Daily, and Why Is It Important?

The Nerd Daily is a website written by fans, for fans. It’s a place where you can find the latest news and reviews on books, movies, television shows, and anything nerdy in between. With Kevin Goetz featured as the latest expert interviewee, The Nerd Daily is quickly becoming an authority on all things audience research-related.

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Kevin Goetz’s Industry Influence

For more than thirty years, Kevin Goetz has been at the center of Hollywood’s movie research industry. His firm, Screen Engine/ASI, conducts research for a majority of all movies that are widely released in America and around the world. With decades of experience under his belt, Kevin has worked alongside all of the major film studios and he has worked with some of your favorite Hollywood stars!

The Nerd Daily and Kevin Goetz: A Perfect Combination

Kevin Goetz’s Audience-ology approach to understanding movie audiences is the key to his success. And what better place to learn about Kevin and Audience-ology than The Nerd Daily? Be sure to check out The Nerd Daily for the latest news and reviews on books, movies, television shows, and anything nerdy in between!

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You can purchase Kevin’s book, Audience-ology, through his website! Purchase and order now, and enjoy learning about Kevin’s methods for making movies great.