Kevin Goetz announces a limited series podcast in conjunction with the release of his book, Audience•ology: How Moviegoers Shape the Films We Love on November 30th.

We are looking forward to talking with some of the filmmakers that were interviewed in the book

The podcast will give added dimension to chapters of the book including conversations about his background, the history of screening research, the recruitment process, the importance of survey scores, what can go wrong at screenings, art vs business, the impact of Covid on the movie business, and what makes a movie theatrical. Each show will feature a surprise guest to join the conversation and to share how screening research impacted his/her film.

The book Audience•ology is the chronicle of how real people have written and rewritten America’s cinematic masterpieces by showing up, watching a rough cut of a new film, and giving their unfettered opinions so that directors and studios can salvage their blunders, or better yet, turn their movies into all-time classics.

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Each chapter informs an aspect or two of the test-screening process and then, through behind-the-scenes stories, illustrates how that particular aspect was carried out. Nicknamed “the doctor of Audience•ology,” Kevin Goetz shares how he helped filmmakers and movie execs confront the misses and how he recommended ways to fix the blockbusters, as well as first-hand accounts from Ron Howard, Cameron Crowe, Ed Zwick, Renny Harlin, Jason Blum, and other Hollywood luminaries who brought you such films as La La Land, Chicago, Titanic, Wedding Crashers, Jaws, and Forrest Gump.

Audience•ology, with Darlene Haymen and published by Tiller Press, a division of Simon and Schuster, is currently available for pre-order where books are sold.