Have you ever wondered about how complex the movie making process really is? Audienceology, a nonfiction book from author and former movie industry professional Kevin Goetz, gives readers a unique insight into the art and science of movie making that most people never hear about. Read through some of the topics the book covers below, then grab a copy for yourself today!

Blending the Creative Process with Business Practice

Most people view the filmmaking process as a creative one, but in order to get a film made, there is a lot of business that goes into it as well. A producer needs to not only be creative in order to come up with a good story, but they also need to understand the business side of things in order to get the funding they need.

Cost of Production

One of the first things a producer needs to do when they want to make a movie is determine the cost of production. This includes everything from hiring the crew and actors, to renting out equipment and locations, to providing craft services for everyone involved. 

Vetting Ideas

Once a producer has an idea for a movie, he or she needs to make sure it is actually feasible. This includes things like making sure the story is compelling, that there is an audience for the film, and that it can be filmed, produced, and released within a set budget. If all of these boxes can be checked, then the producer can move on to the next step of making the movie.

Cutting the Film

After the film is shot, it then needs to be cut and edited together. However, before the final cut of the movie is released to the public, it often needs to go through a process called test screening; during this phase, a group of people is invited to watch the movie and provide feedback. Based on this feedback, the editor may make some changes to the film before its premiere.

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